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Clara - Rodrigo Barriuso.jpeg

Director: Rodrigo Barriuso

Writer: Rodrigo Barriuso 

Genre:  Drama

Production Company: El Pensamiento Films  


Nathaniel and Clara, an unconventional and loving marriage face mounting pressure in the aftermath of the 1981 Toronto Bathhouse Raids.


Married in 1977, Nathaniel and Clara lead a happy, engaging life. He is most comfortable in the trenches of his mid management government job; she is a rising star lawyer about to launch her candidacy for public office in the upcoming elections. Nathaniel has always been honest about his bisexuality, and without reasons to doubt his love, Clara has willingly embraced their relationship, agreeing to a private space where they can explore other desires. Nathaniel and Clara are solid, ahead of their time. 


Their stability is shaken when in 1981 Nathaniel is arrested in a raid targeting gay bathhouses, ousted as a bisexual man and subsequently dismissed from his government position. Their marriage is put to the highest test when Clara’s family and political aides pressure her to leave her husband and publicly denounce him in order to save her political future. 

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. 












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