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From my Window

Writer, Director: Rodrigo Barrisuo

Genre:  Drama


André Kertész, an internationally acclaimed 84-year old photographer, is a broken man after the loss of his lifelong companion, Elizabeth. A year after her passing, André is about to endure the hardest task yet—parting with his wife’s personal belongings. In the hope of preserving the personal and collective memory of their union, and with the aid of the new Polaroid SX-70, André begins to photograph a variety of small objects that narrate their story. What begins as a simple coping mechanism quickly develops into an artistic renaissance, as André draws on his reserves one last time in order to overcome the grief that afflicts him. 


From My Window is being developed in close collaboration with Robert Gurbo, curator of the Estate of André Kertész in New York City.

Cover image (detail): June 1979 by André Kertész





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